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Like any form of art, photography is highly subjective. There are infinite ways to represent any subject in front of the lens and there is no right or wrong way to do so. My teaching service provides a one-on-one interaction with an emphasis on learning how the camera works and how to manipulate the camera to match your creative vision. I'm a big believer that the best art is intentional. Anyone  is capable of getting decent images with most modern cameras set to auto. Every once in a while, the auto mode will deliver a great image... I like to provide the knowledge to take control over the camera and create the opportunity to make great images every time you take photos.

What makes a great photograph? Is it the subject? Is it the lighting? Is it the activity performed within the frame? Any one of those attributes or a combination of those attributes can create a great image. I like to provide a way of critical thinking during the image making process about how you want the image to look. After deciding how you want the image to look, you will then know how to manipulate the camera to create your vision. After learning about how the camera works, I then provide information in more specialty techniques including flash photography, HDR imaging, macro photography, and digital editing techniques. 


My teaching services are for both beginner and advanced photographers. I can work with both film and digital cameras and will provide a comprehensive methodology to understanding the camera, how it works, and how the different settings can change the outcome of the resulting photographs. I can help you unlock the potential of your digital camera that you got last year for Christmas or help you understand how to use your granddad's old SLR that you found in the attic. One of the wonderful things about photography is that all cameras do essentially the same thing during the picture taking process. There are some differences in technique and 'ideal' exposure over the years, however the fundamentals remain the same. My teaching rate is $50/hr with a one hour minimum. I can travel to your home or a public space for all photography lessons. I can also provide group lessons for up to ten people at a time. Call now to schedule your time to start learning.


How the Camera Works Controls of the Camera Basic Exposure
Understanding Shutter Speed Understanding Aperture Understanding ISO
Equivalency Composition Effects of Focal Length
Digital Editing Focusing Options Metering Options
White Balance RAW vs Jpeg Flash Photography
HDR Photography Working from a Tripod Modifying the Light
Night Photography Macro Photography Off-Camera Flash Photography
Story Telling with the Camera Maintaining Equipment The Business of Photography




The Best Camera is the one with you

Shutter Speed I

Shutter Speed II




The Histogram

Composition I

Composition II

Leading Lines

Portrait Photography: Wide Angle

Portrait Photography: Standard

Portrait Photography: Telephoto

Background Control: Perspective

Background Control: Depth of Field

Background Control: Focal Length

Background Control: Lighting

Gear Prep


Editorial Photography

Unique Weather: Exposing for snow

Macro Photography I

Macro Photography II

Night Photography I

Night Photography II

Story Telling with the Camera (Twilight)

Story Telling with the Camera (Praying Mantis)