Along with my photographic services, I also provide a wide range of printing options to help preserve your special memories. At the end of the day, photographs are visual memories of a moment in time that can be physically passed down and shared with friends and family for generations. I'm happy to provide a wide range of prints and products that are ready for display and will last for years to come. All of my printing services are professionally produced from various labs across the United States. All of the products that I provide are archival quality and will last for generations to come.


Many of my portrait sessions and wedding packages come with a set of proof prints. Proof prints are 4x6 prints of every edited photo from the entire session. These prints are based on the same files that are delivered to the client with each job. Proof prints are handy because they allow for an easy way to compare and judge groups of photos. Like all of my photographic products, proof prints are archival and will last for years if properly cared for. Direct exposure to light can cause the print surface to start to fade or discolor after prolonging exposure. If not being displayed, it is best to keep proof prints in a dark environment with low humidity. Wedding packages with proof prints also come with proof albums for print storage. These leather-bound albums hold up to 300 4x6(s) and are acid-free to insure archival storage for your memories. Again, when not being displayed, it is best to store the album in a dark environment with low humidity. IMG_9802IMG_9802



My custom prints are created with the clients final presentation in mind. All photos are edited with extra time spent on cleaning up blemishes and backgrounds to insure the resulting photograph will be as perfect as possible. All custom prints are cropped to deliver the best result for the format selected. For my traditional custom prints, I like to recommend having the print matted in a acid-free matte and then framed with a frame that suites your home. If preferred, I can handle matting and framing for all prints. Custom prints are a great way to display enlargements in nearly any setting and there are a multitude of framing/matting options available. Custom print sizes range from 2.5x3.5 to 24x36. IMG_9801IMG_9801



Custom mounted prints are my traditional prints already mounted onto an acid-free backboard. The mounting material and thickness will be dependent on the final size of the print. Why mount a print? Mounted prints typically hold up better over the years since they are rigid and are less prone to fading. If framed, they are best framed with the printed surface coming to the edge of the frame. If you do choose to frame the mounted print with a large matte, you will probably need to speak with a custom framer to insure the print is properly matted within the frame. Mounted print sizes range from 5x7 to 24x36. IMG_9796IMG_9796



Many people are not aware that there are actually two different types of canvas prints available. Mounted canvases are like my mounted prints, however instead of a normal photographic surface, they are printed on a sheet of canvas. Mounted canvas prints are created to be displayed within a frame. They are very easy to frame and there are a multitude of framing options available for mounted canvas prints. If preferred, I can handle framing and final presentation if the client desires. Like all of my enlargement services, canvas prints are edited and cropped to allow for the best presentation of the print. Mounted canvas sizes range from 11x14 to 24x36. IMG_9799IMG_9799



Canvas prints that are mounted on a stretcher allow for another option to create and present a canvas print. The photograph is printed on a piece of canvas and then mounted onto a wooden stretcher frame. The wooden stretcher keeps the canvas tight and is large/rigid enough to be hung on the wall without any frame. Canvas prints on stretcher frames are a very popular and contemporary presentation method for large prints. Canvas on stretcher prints can be framed, however the choice of frame will be limited to deeper frames that will allow for the wooden stretcher to fit within the frame. For this reason, I usually like to remind people to think about their final presentation for the photo. If you are planning to frame a canvas print, it is much easier to work with a mounted canvas print. If you plan to hang the print with no frame, you will need to order a canvas on stretcher print. Canvas on stretcher print sizes range from 16x20 to 24x36. Canvas WrapCanvas Wrap



Metal prints are a relatively new option for displaying enlargements. The metal print is made through a dye-sublimation process and the photographic image is actually printed into the metal. The resulting print is both vivid and extremely durable with a wide variety of finishes and contemporary mounting options. The metal print offers four different types of finishes (White-gloss, White-Satin, Brushed-Gloss, Brushed-Satin). Each finish will result in a different look and I can help make recommendations for which finish to use dependent on the photograph. The mounting options range from a floating mount to a double border frame. Each mount provides a different option for presenting the print and a different cost for producing the image. If interested in a metal print, please email  or call and I can provide a full price-list for all sizes with the various mounting options. All metal prints are ready to hang upon delivery with sizes ranging from 16x20 all the way to 48x96. IMG_3106_smallIMG_3106_small



Custom printed albums allow for a great way to present your wedding or event. I custom design each page with input from the client and make sure that you are receiving everything that you desire in the album. Every page is designed as a spread with the adjacent page in mind. Images can be printed across the full spread with no gap or overlap in the center of the page. Albums range from 20 pages (10 spreads) all the way to 76 pages (38 spreads). Custom printed albums come printed on semi-rigid pages with both hardback and leather-bound options available. The hardback cover option does allow for photographic printing on the cover and back of the book. Custom printed albums come in a variety of sizes from 8x8 up to 10x12.5. IMG_0688 copyIMG_0688 copy



My premium custom printed albums are made to showcase your wedding or other major event for years to come. The premium album is an archival quality coffee-table book with rigid pages and a thick leather cover. Like the normal custom album, the premium album is designed with each page in mind to create the ultimate storytelling experience. Photos are printed on full page spreads and rigid pages insure that the book lays flat when open to create the best presentation for the photographs. This album allows for more customization than my standard album with options for different types of leather covers, die cut pages, embossed cover, and gilded page edges. The premium book is typically 2-3x larger than the normal custom album. They make for an excellent heirloom piece to showcase your wedding and to pass down to children years down the road. Premium albums come in sizes ranging from 8x8 up to 12x15. IMG_0683 copyIMG_0683 copy



In today's digital age, many people wonder 'why print'? Digital files can be shared almost instantaneously and many people have hard drives full of images that will never be seen off-screen. One of the biggest casualties of the digital revolution has been the near loss of the photographic print. While I do provide digital negatives with all of my work, I strongly recommend printing photos to display at home and to share with others.  Photographic prints are an integral part of our history and heritage. Nearly everyone has a photo of a loved one or of a childhood memory that have since disappeared. Now the only thing that remains is the print. Almost every old photo that you have will have a corresponding negative for that cherished print. Over the years, what happened to that negative? Some people might be able to track down the original piece of film for the print, however many will never be able to locate the negative. This is why prints were so important for us. They are a physical way of sharing a moment of time. Digital files can easily be copied and stored, but what happens when the hard drive fails? Or if the cloud storage becomes corrupted? Or if the media of choice today becomes obsolete in the future? Printing photographs is more than just a way showcasing your favorite memories. Printing is a way of insuring that the moments that happen today can be physically passed down tomorrow.