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How long does it take to get the photos after the session?

All digital only work is guaranteed back to the client within 14 days of the session (usually shipped out within 7 days). All printed work is guaranteed back to the client within 28 days of the session (usually ships out within 14 days).


How many photos do you take?

I never like to quote exactly how many photos someone should expect from any given situation; however I have found that I usually average around 30-100 images/hr. That number is dependent on photo set up, subject cooperation, and the amount of scene variance.


Can you travel to my home for photography and how much does it cost?

I actually like to travel to your preferred location because when you chooses the location, it is usually significant for the you or your family. Most common locations for photography are free including Atlanta, Athens, Lake Oconee, Monroe, and Madison.


Can you customize wedding packages?

Yes, all packages are customizable and can be altered to fit your exact needs or budget. For more questions regarding wedding photography, click here...


Do you have a backup shooter for my wedding in case of an emergency?

I always have another photographer that can be ready for the wedding in case something does go wrong; however, I have yet to need to call for anyone.


What all is included on the CD/DVD?

Almost all of my photographic sessions include a CD or DVD for the client. The disc contains edited high resolution files for printing and edited low-resolution files for sharing. These files are in JPEG format unless there is a specific need for TIFF or PSD images.


What do you do to the photos when you edit them?

Editing is essential to providing the customer with great photos that are ready to enlarge. My editing process first revolves around removing any images that are subpar due to repetition or a unflattering facial expression. After the deleting the ‘bad’ images, the rest are processed through Lightroom and Photoshop to optimize color and tonalities. During this process I also eliminate any red-eye in photos and help massage some skin blemishes.


Can you make prints of photos from other studios?

I can not make reprints of photos unless I have explicit permission from the photographer that I can. I can make reprints of old family photos, however I can’t reprint images from another studio without it’s permission.


Do you do any additional editing to reprints/enlargements?

All of my reprints are re-edited to provide the best file for your final presentation. This can include re-cropping the image, smoothing out skin blemishes, removing stray hair, adding hair, and overall adjustments to make sure that both the subject and background look the absolute best for the photo.


What kind of options do you offer for enlargements and why should I choose one over another?

I offer many different options for reprints ranging from a standard print to a framed metal print. The standard print is the least expensive option to produce. It is good for all types of images and I would recommend this type of finish in you plan to matte the photo and display it behind glass. Typically, I like to recommend getting standard prints for smaller images (11x14 and smaller). The next option would be the mounted print. The mounted print is a standard print that is mounted on matteboard or foamcore. This type of print is much more durable than a standard print and can be framed without a matteboard. The mounted canvas is much like the the mounted print, however the printed surface is canvas. The canvas is also mounted onto matteboard or foamcore and does not need to be matted within a frame. Usually, mounted canvas prints are framed with a heavier ornate frame. This is a print that does not need to be behind glass. It is a great finish for large portraits between 16x20 to 24x36. The canvas on stretcher is a unique option that prints the image on canvas and then wraps the canvas on a stretcher frame (much like a traditional canvas painting). This finish is usually showcased without any framing and works better for larger images (20x24 and larger). Please reference my product guide for more information about each type of print.


What is a metal print?

The metal print is made through a dye-sublimation process and the photographic image is actually printed into the metal. The resulting print is both vivid and extremely durable with a wide variety of finishes and contemporary mounting options. The metal print offers four different types of finishes (White-gloss, White-Satin, Brushed-Gloss, Brushed-Satin). The mounting options range from a floating mount to a double border frame. Please reference my product guide for more information about each type of print.


What is the difference between the Premium Leather Wedding Album and the Custom Wedding Album?

The Premium Album has a thicker binding, a thicker cover, and rigid pages. It also offers the option for embossed text on the front cover. The page edges can also be gilded to allow for a more elegant look. It is larger and more luxurious than the traditional album. It is a great way to showcase your wedding for now and for generations to come. The Custom album has a thinner binding, thinner cover, and semi-rigid pages. It usually comes as a hardcover, however a leather cover is optional. The hardcover can come custom printed with photographs on both the front and rear covers. I usually like to recommend getting the Custom album for parent albums since it is a physically smaller album. Please reference my product guide for more information about each type of print.


If you have any other questions feel free to call or email me anytime.


Thanks, Chase