How long have you been doing wedding photography?

I photographed my first wedding in 2003. Since then, I've photographed hundreds of weddings across Georgia.


Can you customize wedding packages?

Yes, all packages are customizable and can be altered to fit your exact needs or budget. Please call or email me and I can provide a quote for your needs.


Do you have a secondary shooter?

Yes, second shooters can be added to any package.


Do you have a backup photographer?

Yes, one of the great things about my years of experience in the field of photography is that I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of friends and colleges in the wedding business. I have multiple photographers that I call on if I ever need replacement  for an event. All backup photographers are agreed upon with the couple prior to the wedding.


Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, I carry backup equipment with me for every wedding. This includes backup cameras, lenses, and flashes to insure that coverage continues regardless of mechanical or electronic failure.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do have a commercial insurance policy the covers damages, injuries, and equipment.


When will I see my photos?

I always strive to get a sneak peek of the wedding online to the blog and Facebook prior to the couple leaving for the honeymoon (usually online the next afternoon after the wedding). After that, I typically have most weddings uploaded to a password protected gallery within one week of the wedding (just in time to get back from the honeymoon). Wedding galleries are guaranteed to be uploaded within two weeks of the wedding day or when final payment for the wedding is made.


When will I receive my photos?

All digital work is guaranteed back to the client within 14 days of the wedding or when final payment is made.


Is there a deposit?

Yes, I have a $1000 deposit that goes towards the purchasing price of the wedding.


Do you have a contract?

Yes, I do have a contract for all of my wedding bookings.


Do you keep my images after the wedding?

Yes, I keep a digital copy of the wedding in my archives. Additional copies of the wedding photos can be purchased whenever you need them in the future.


How many photos do you deliver with each wedding?

I typically deliver between 450-900 images for most weddings. This number is typically dependant on how much coverage is needed for the wedding.


What do you do to the photos prior to delivery?

All photographs are edited with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to insure accurate skin tones and neutral colors. I like to provide "normal" photos of the entire wedding in both hi-resolution and low-resolution formats. This way, the bride and groom have the option to apply any specialty edits to their files as they see fit while retaining the original photo. I also provide a copy of 30-100 images of specialty edited photos with various digital finishes with each wedding. While the filtered files are currently popular, I always like to make sure that each couple has the "normal" edits so that their wedding photos are not dated by the style of editing. If I only provided heavily filtered images, the bride and groom would be stuck with those types of images forever. Here is an example of a normal photo with various editing parameters applied to provide a different look from the original.


How far will you travel for a wedding and what is the cost?

I do frequently travel for most of my weddings. I waive all travel fees for weddings within an 75 mile radius of Decatur. This includes all of Atlanta, most of North Georgia, Athens, Madison, Greensboro, and Macon. Please reference the map below to see if your wedding falls within my standard operating area. I do charge a travel fee for locations outside of my standard area, please call and I can provide a quote for travel for your wedding.

CLP Wedding Travel Map.jpg

What is the difference between the Premium Leather Wedding Album and the Custom Wedding Album?

The Premium Album has a thicker binding, a thicker cover, and rigid pages. It also offers the option for embossed text on the front cover. The page edges can also be gilded to allow for a more elegant look. It is larger and more luxurious than the traditional album. It is a great way to showcase your wedding for now and for generations to come. The Custom album has a thinner binding, thinner cover, and semi-rigid pages. It usually comes as a hardcover, however a leather cover is optional. The hardcover can come custom printed with photographs on both the front and rear covers. I usually like to recommend getting the Custom album for parent albums since it is a physically smaller album.


Do you do any additional editing to reprints/enlargements?

All of my reprints are re-edited to provide the best file for your final presentation. This includes re-cropping the image for the best presentation, smoothing out skin blemishes, removing stray hair, adding hair, and overall adjustments to make sure that both the subject and background look the absolute best for the photo.


What all is included on the USB Drive/DVD?

The USB and DVDs both include all of the edited files from the wedding. The USB drive delivers both Hi-Resolution (20-30MP) and Low-Resolution (2.5MP) copies of the files. The High Resolution files are suitable for printing up to 24x36 and the Low Resolution files are suitable for sharing (email & Facebook ready). The DVDs include the same files, however at a middle resolution (5-6MP) due to the limited amount of storage space on the DVDs. The DVD files are typically suitable for printing up to 11x14.


Can I handle my own printing or will I have to go through your business?

Yes, all of my wedding packages come with a Release of Rights for printing and sharing purposes. Of course, I can handle any printing needs you may have including specialty canvas and metal prints and custom designed wedding albums. The photographs will also be available for purchase on my website for friends and family with digital and printed options available.


What do you wear at the wedding?

I typically try to wear match my clothing to the type of venue. This can range from a full suit at most churches to nice jeans and shirt for informal weddings at a private residence. I typically try to match with most of the wedding guests so that I blend in with the crowd throughout the day.


If you have any other questions feel free to call or email me anytime.


Thanks, Chase