Weddings are amazing. They are the combination of friends, family, traditions and personal touches into one epic celebration. I love the little moments that make up the wedding day. From the laughter of the bridal party as they pop the first bottle of champagne to the cheers from the crowd as they wave sparklers in the cool night air for the couple's exit... Those are the moments that make up the story of the day. And those are the moments that you will be talking about for years to come.

I believe that every wedding has a story that is worth telling and I believe that every couple deserves great photography on their wedding day. Because of this, I price my photography to be as accessible as possible. You get that beautiful boutique look at budget-friendly prices. All of my wedding packages are custom built, so you can decide exactly how much coverage you need and what prints (if any) you want from the wedding day.


All about Style

There are so many different components that have to come together during the wedding day for a truly successful wedding. As the photographer, I have to provide different types of coverage throughout the day to make the most of the different parts of the wedding day. I love documentary photography and those are usually my favorite photos from the wedding day, however there are times when I have to switch up my style to keep the day moving and to create the best photos. I typically use a documentary style of photography during the ceremony and reception, however I will usually need to provide more direction while working on formals. Sometimes the amount of direction given will dependent on the couple's preferences, comfort in front of the camera, and how many people are in the scene (I usually have to provide a LOT of direction and feedback to get through all of the family photos as efficiently as possible).


Chasing Light

The word photography roughly translates to 'painting with light'. Light is kind of a big deal for the camera. Without light, there are no photos and without the right light, there are no good photos. I'm a big believer in using the right tool or technique in the right light or occasion... If the light is beautiful, I will use available light. If the light is flat, I will add some light to give dimensionality. And if the light is non-existent, I will use strobes to create something special.


A Tale of Two Cameras

I photograph every wedding with two cameras at my side. This way, I can provide two different looks as quickly as possible. This can be two vastly different focal lengths during the ceremony or different lighting setups during the first dance. Having two cameras ready at all times just gives me more creative freedom to create the best photos in any circumstance on the wedding day.


Making the Most of the Day

Every wedding is planned with the best of intentions, however sometimes life (usually mother-nature) will throw a curve ball. If it does rain (or snow) our your special day, we will make the most of the situation to create images that simply couldn't be created any other day. If we get a rainbow, we are going to chase it and if the day has a spectacular sunset, we are going to utilize that opportunity. I'm all about making your wedding photos unique by utilizing the different elements of the day that make your wedding day special.



In today's digital age, people love and expect instant gratification. Every wedding includes a sneak peek gallery of some of the highlights from the wedding day to Facebook the day after the wedding... My goal is to upload the sneak peek gallery before the couple leaves on their honeymoon and try to have the entire wedding online by the time they get back (sometimes easier said than done)... Each wedding is guaranteed to have the sneak peek gallery online within 72hrs of the wedding day and the entire wedding is edited and online within 28 days of the wedding.


No Worries

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event... The last thing that you want to worry about is actually getting your wedding photos from your photographer on your big day. You don't need to worry about the photos because I already do. I've been in the wedding industry for over 10 years and in that time, I've made quite a few friends and connections that create a network of professional photographers that are willing to substitute their skills in case of emergency... I bring backup equipment to every wedding to guarantee that coverage continues regardless of what happens to my primary cameras, lenses, or flashes. And once I get home, I backup all of the files and always have at least three different copies of the wedding photos in multiple locations. Like I said, don't worry about the photos- I've got it covered.

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