What is the best time of the year for engagement photography?

 Many couples like to use the engagement photos as part of their wedding announcement or wedding invitation. For these purposes, I like to recommend doing the engagement session a few months prior to the wedding. Usually this corresponds to doing the engagement photos in two season prior to the wedding (Fall weddings typically have Spring engagement photos)


What time is the best time of day for engagement photography?

The best time for photography is typically either early in the morning(within two hours of sunrise) or late in the afternoon (within two hours of sunset). I do carry a wide variety of lighting equipment and light modifiers to help control the light in any given situation, so I can photograph anytime of the day and create stunning images.


What is the best location for engagement photos?

The best location is a place that helps tell your story. I usually like to recommend using a background or location that helps tell a little more about the couple. The engagement session is also a great time to incorporate unique activities that you do as a couple. I can get great photographs in any location and I typically help most couples with various locations that would work best for them.


When will I see my photos?

I always strive to get a sneak peek of the session online to the blog and Facebook within a few days of the session. After that, I typically have most engagement sessions uploaded to a password protected gallery within one week of the session.


When will I receive my photos?

All digital work is guaranteed back to the client within 14 days of the session. Engagement sessions with proof prints and enlargements are guaranteed back within 28 days of the session. Most work is returned much sooner than that though.


How far in advance do I need to book for engagement photography?

Engagement sessions can be booked up to two months prior to the session if booking on a weekend. Weekdays can be booked six months prior to the session.


Do you keep my images after the session?

Yes, I keep a digital copy of all of my photography work in my archives. Additional copies of the photos can be purchased whenever you need them in the future.


How many photos do you deliver with each session?

I typically deliver between 30-90 images for most sessions.


What do you do to the photos prior to delivery?

All photographs are edited with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to insure accurate skin tones and neutral colors. I like to provide "normal" photos of the entire session in both hi-resolution and low-resolution formats. This way, the client have the option to apply any specialty edits to their files as they see fit while retaining the original photo.


How far will you travel for engagement photography and what is the cost?

I do frequently travel for my engagement sessions. I waive all travel fees for sessions within an 35 mile radius of Loganville. This includes Atlanta, Athens, Bostwick, Monroe, and Madison, . Please reference the map below to see if your session falls within my No-Charge operating area. I do charge a travel fee for locations further than 35 miles from Loganville. Please call or email me for a travel quote for areas that are not marked on the map.

CLP Portrait Travel Map.jpg

Do you do any additional editing to reprints/enlargements?

All of my reprints are re-edited to provide the best file for your final presentation. This includes re-cropping the image for the best presentation, smoothing out skin blemishes, removing stray hair, adding hair, and overall adjustments to make sure that both the subject and background look the absolute best for the photo.


What is included on the DVD?

All DVDs include both Hi-Resolution files for printing and low-resolution files for sharing.


My wedding package included a custom enlargement and engagement session. Can I use one of my engagement photos as my wedding enlargement?

Yes, many couples opt to use a photo from their engagement session as their enlargement.


Can I handle my own printing or will I have to go through your business?

Yes, all of my sessions come with a Release of Rights for printing and sharing purposes. Of course, I can handle any printing needs you may have including specialty canvas and metal prints. The photographs will also be available for purchase on my website for friends and family with digital and printed options available.


If you have any other questions feel free to call or email me anytime.


Thanks, Chase