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Allison and Matthew’s wedding was at Pinecrest Baptist Church in McDonough, Georgia. These days, I don’t get the opportunity to photograph many church weddings, so it’s always fun to work in new places and tackle the challenges that arise… The day stared with detail shots and getting ready photos. We quickly transitioned to photos of Matthew with his groomsmen. Since it was getting close to time for the ceremony to start, we opted to save the bridal photos until after the wedding. The wedding was beautiful with lots of hugs and friends and family gathered to witness the event. After the ceremony was finished, we went ahead and finished the formal photos of family, wedding party, and Allison and Matthew together. Once it was time for the reception to start, everyone from the wedding party lined up to create a hallway of friends (and family) for the happy couple to enter through. The reception was pretty low-key with only the first dance and parent dances happening throughout. Each reception has its own flow and they wanted to emphasis the time they had there with friends and family fellowshipping. After the cake cutting and toasts, it was time for the shoe game… For those unfamiliar with the shoe game, it is when both the bride and groom sit back to back with each other and hold one of the grooms shoe with one hand and the brides shoe with the other… A member from the wedding party will then ask them questions that they have to answer if the question pertains to the husband or the wife… It always makes for a fun scene. Usually the shoe game is ended with the question: “who do you love most in the entire world?” with the pair always raising their partner’s shoe. After the garter and bouquet toss, it was time for the bubble exit. I spoke with the two of them prior to the exit and mentioned that if they wanted/ had time we could circle back around for some additional photos after the reception so that they would have plenty to choose from… Both were game. So after the exit, they drove their car to the opposite side of the building where I meet them for a few additional minutes of photos… Since we had to rush through the photos to get to the reception on time, we were able to take our time to create something that they could cherish for years later after the reception…

6 Hours Coverage at Pinecrest Baptist Church