I don’t get many opportunities to work in South Georgia… Courtney and Miles’s wedding at Southern Bridle Farms in 2018 was my southernmost wedding that year. Southern Bridle Farms is located near Warner Robins Georgia (near Macon). One of the best parts about venues that are far out from the city is that they are typically gorgeous… And Southern Bridle Farms didn’t disappoint… We started with photos of Courtney and her bridal party in the bridal cottage before she got dressed. We later transitioned to a first reaction with dad and later went to the first look with Miles… Everyone was in awe with getting the opportunity to see Courtney in her dress for the first time… She was radiant. After working on a few photos of the couple, we invited the rest of the wedding party out for photos and were able to finish all wedding party and most family photos well before the start of the ceremony. The ceremony started and everyone watched on as the couple tied the knot (figuratively and literally). After the wedding, we finally got to the spot that I was excited about… Southern Bridle Farms in located amongst a large pecan orchard… I’ve wanted to do photos in a pecan orchard for years… Something about the repeating organic lines… It just works for photos. We spent a few minutes in the orchard as the last rays of light disappeared over the horizon. The reception stared with first dances and after the cake cutting; everyone was out on the dance floor. We went outside for a few night-time portraits to create something that we could create earlier in the day and continued to dance into the night at the reception. Before long, it was time for the garter and bouquet toss. After sharing one last dance with the couple, everyone lined up out front for the big sendoff. They shared one last kiss for the crowd and walked out into the night to signify the end of the reception… I was quite pleased with the results from their wedding and knew that it would make for a good showcase wedding for a ‘new to me’ venue. After packing my bags and walking out to the car, I looked up and saw that the clouds that were ever present all day had finally shifted revealing a beautiful night sky… I looked across the field and saw Courtney and Miles loading luggage into their car preparing to leave for the honeymoon. I ran up to them and ask “do you want to do one more photo? We have an opportunity here that is somewhat unique…” They knew from the tone of my voice that I was pretty excited for the photo in my mind. I grabbed a tripod and we walked back to the pecan orchard for one last shot… The clouds drifted into the scene and the couple shared one last kiss for the camera as the stars shown down from above… A great way to end 2018.

8 Hours Coverage at Southern Bridle Farms
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