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Sarah and Alex got married at the Georgia Terrace Hotel in September of 2019. The Georgian Terrace is a upscale hotel located in midtown Atlanta with beautiful views of the city along with white marble everywhere… We started coverage with the bridal party getting ready in the penthouse suite upstairs. After everyone was ready, we traveled downstairs for photos of the bridal party and the groom’s party. Before long, it was time for the ceremony. You could just see their two faces light up during the vows… I loved that they shared an unplanned additional kiss at the end of the aisle at the end of the ceremony. Since they didn’t opt for a first look, we worked on additional photos of the two of them together and the full wedding party after the ceremony. The reception started with their first dance and it quickly transitioned to speeches and toasts. Once the cake was cut, the dance floor was open for everyone…

8 Hours Coverage at the Georgia Terrace