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Matt and Audrey’s wedding at Vintage Oaks Farms was one of my favorites from 2018. Vintage Oaks Farm is a beautiful venue located in Watkinsville, Georgia (near Athens). The day started with details and the bridal party hanging out in the suite upstairs. Once they were ready to get dressed, I came downstairs to check on the guys… As typical of most fall wedding days, the guys were glued to the TV watching college football. Once Matt was ready, I brought him outside for the first look with his future wife. Their first look started with a note and gift exchange… I love getting the opportunity to watch the flow of emotions as couples get closer and closer to seeing each other on the wedding day. With the first look over, we invited the rest of the wedding party outside for photos. We wandered around the property getting some fun shots of everyone while everybody stayed close together for warmth… The wedding day wasn’t the coldest, however there was a persistent wind and cloud cover that kept a slight chill in the air… Once it we were nearly finished with all pre-wedding photos, the wind died down and the sun finally broke through the clouds… It was perfect timing for the ceremony. Even though he had already seen his future wife at the first look, Matt had the perfect face of awe as she walked down the aisle… After reciting their vows and exchanging rings, it was time for the kiss… After the wedding was finished we did some additional photos of the two of them in the field behind the ceremony space in the late afternoon light. The reception started on a high-note and the excitement never died down throughout the night… I was pleasantly surprised to see their car and driver for their getaway… I recognized it from my own wedding 7 years prior. They shared one last kiss amongst all of their friends and family for the sparkler exit and before you knew it, they were driving off into the night.

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