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Courtney and Cody got married at the Cotton Warehouse in October of 2016. The Cotton Warehouse is an industrial type venue located in Monroe, Ga with a small side garden used for outdoor ceremonies. We started coverage of their wedding day at the Sparrow Inn just next to the Cotton Warehouse. The bridal party got ready upstairs while I worked on detail shots on the ground floor. The makeup artist worked on Courtney's makeup while her bridesmaids watch the Georgia game... It was fun seeing their reactions as Georgia kept driving the ball downfield late in the fourth quarter to finally turn over the ball late in the game. You could see their disappointment as Georgia sealed the loss for the day. Luckily, the Dawg's performance didn't hinder the bridal parties enthusiasm to have fun. One thing that Courtney and her friends had fun with was striking the most ridiculous 'Olan Mills' poses they could for funny photos... I loved that nearly every group photo had to have both a 'normal' photo and an 'Olan Mills' photo. Meanwhile, Cody and his groomsmen got ready on the opposite side of town. The guys did pretty much the same as the girls as they watched TV and drank beer while waiting for the wedding.

We traveled next door to the Cotton Warehouse to do a quick dress photo so that Courtney could get dressed for the day. Once she was ready, I set up her dad for a first reaction photo with her since he had not seen the dress up until that point. We worked on the bridal party photos and later switched over to the groom's side to finish as many photos as possible after the ceremony. As soon as the wedding was over, Courtney and Cody invited all of their guest to join them for one large group photo at the cotton warehouse. After the big group photo, we worked with the full wedding party before finishing up the last few photos of the two of them together in the surrounding areas around the Cotton Warehouse. They entered into the reception and went straight to their first dances. The parent dances followed quickly after with the dance floor filling up soon after all of the formal dances were completed. Instead of a cake, they had an ice cream bar for dessert. Everyone partied into the night as the music continued. Before long, the night was coming to an end with everyone lining up out the front of the venue for the sparkler exit.

Unlimited Coverage (4 Hours Secondary) at the Cotton Warehouse
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