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Emily and Chris got married on New Year Eve in 2019 at the Wahoo Grill. The Wahoo Grill is a local restaurant in Decatur that serves outstanding food and offers a private event space for events. The bridal party got ready at a hotel in Decatur until it was time for the first look. We did the first look in downtown Decatur and transitioned to photos of the couple along with their wedding party near the courthouse. We were able to get all of the wedding party photos and family photos finished before sunset, after which, we traveled to the Wahoo Grill. The ceremony happened outside on the back patio for the Wahoo Grill with plenty of heat lamps available to keep everyone toasty throughout the wedding. Everyone broke into cheers as they shared their first kiss together as husband and wife and then it was time to party. The best part about a NYE wedding is that guests tend to relax a little more and really party at the reception (since many were planning to stay out late for NYE regardless). Add in an open bar and music, and it quickly turns into a fun situation for all. Once they completed their first dances and toasts, the dance floor was opened and it remained full the entire night. The Wahoo Grill served a wide assortment of desserts and appetizers to keep people energized throughout the night. As it started to get late, all of the guests lined up out the side entrance for the restaurant. As the clock struck midnight, the couple shared one last kiss in the exit line as all of their guests cheered and cheered… It was definitely one of the best ways to ring in 2020!

Unlimited Coverage at the Wahoo! Grill