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Jeff and Jill got married at Variety Works in October of 2015. I knew both of them from High school (graduated with Jill and worked with Jeff at a summer job). For their wedding, I photographed both the rehearsal and the wedding day. The rehearsal went well and I was able to see about timing, locations, and lighting for the wedding ceremony Saturday. After the rehearsal, everyone went next door for a nice meal at Town 220.

The wedding day started early with the bridal party getting ready at the salon. I loved that Jill had her childhood mirror with her to check on her hair and makeup. After hair and makeup was finished, we went next door to the James Madison Inn to finish getting ready and to work on detail shots. After everyone was dressed, we went across the street to Town Park to work on photos of the bridal party prior to the wedding ceremony. The wedding started and you could see Jeff's face light up as soon as he saw Jill in her dress. They exchanged their hand-written vows before sealing the deal with a kiss. After the wedding ceremony, we went outside for the family photos and remaining photos of the wedding party. The reception stated with the traditional dances and was soon followed by the cake cutting. We were even able to sneak outside for a couple of quick photos outside with some creative lighting. Before you knew it, the night was coming to an end and everyone lined up out front for the exit. The couple climbed into their car and shared one last kiss before driving off into the night...

Unlimited Coverage and Rehearsal Coverage at Variety Works
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