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I knew McKenzie and Patrick were going to have one of my favorite weddings of 2018… I knew as soon as our initial phone call got sidetracked with talks about China and tater tots… The wedding was a lot of fun… Patrick and McKenzie got married at Terminus 330 near downtown Atlanta. Their wedding day started with the groomsmen getting ready at the hotel across the street from Terminus while the bridal party got ready at a AirBnB a few blocks away. The start of their day was dominated by bright airy windows letting in natural light along with friends and family sharing lots of laughs along the way… Hair and makeup finished their work and McKenzie slipped into her dress. We did a first reaction with dad before leaving for Terminus 330 for the first look with Patrick. We opted to do the first look on the rooftop of the Terminus 330 building (for the privacy) and then brought the two of them down for photos with the entire wedding party. Everyone had fun along the way and before long; it was time for the ceremony to start. They were perfect for each other and you could tell that they were over the moon during the ceremony. After it was finished, we went back upstairs to include the entire wedding party for outdoor photos. Since we were able to do so many photos prior to the start of the ceremony, we were able to transition to the reception quickly. What a reception too… I’ve never seen a dance floor quite so full of energy. Everyone was having a blast. We took a few minutes to go outside to take some photos of the two of them at night before going back into the crowd of the dance floor. Near the end of the night, their friends lifted both Pat and McKenzie up and bounced them to the sound of the music. After quite a few hours of partying, everyone lined up outside for the sparkler exit… They shared one last kiss for the camera and everyone cheered.

Unlimited Coverage at Terminus 330