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Brian and Missy had one of my favorite weddings of 2018. They got married at The Graduate in Athens Georgia. I shot one wedding at the Graduate years ago, however it went by a different name at the time. It was good to revisit their space and to see what I could do there with better equipment and more experience. We started with getting ready photos of the bridal party and groom’s party at the Hoyt House before setting up for the first look. Both Brian and Missy wanted for the reception to start as quickly as possible after the wedding ceremony, so we opted to do a first look at the Graduate before taking everyone to North Campus for some additional photos near some UGA landmarks. We were able to visit all of the best spots (the Arch, Herty Field, and the Chapel Bell). I’m glad we opted to go ahead and do those photos then because soon after finishing the photos on North Campus, the rain started… The ceremony space was indoors, so the rain didn’t affect that at all. And since we did so many photos prior to the start of the ceremony, we were able to transition into the reception seamlessly. The reception stared with first dances before going to toasts, cake cutting, and more dances! Everyone had a blast and even their minister was seen on the dance floor showing her moves… Once the rain stopped, we went back outside for a few additional photos of the two of them at night… We were able to create some really cool effects with the water vapor still hanging in the air after the spring shower earlier in the day. Before long, it was time for everyone to line up and sent them off in style… Everyone had red or black pom-poms (like the ones at UGA football games) and lined up and cheered the biggest cheer of all when they shared one last kiss for the night…

Unlimited Coverage at the Graduate