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Ben and Caroline’s wedding at Little Gardens in Lawrenceville Georgia was perfect. We started coverage at the hotel where Caroline was getting ready with the rest of her bridal party. We later traveled to Little Gardens to do photos of the dress hanging in the bridal suite and got photos of the guys getting ready while the bride got dressed. Since the couple wanted to keep the wedding traditional (no first look), we did photos of the groomsmen separately from the bridal party, however we were able to finish all photos requested prior to the start of the ceremony. I loved watching Caroline look out the window as she oversaw guest arriving and getting seated. Ben lined up with his groomsmen and before long, it was time for the ceremony to start. I love the look on Ben’s face as he watched Caroline come down the aisle. The two seemed quite nervous at the start of the day, however you could see the nerves wear right off as soon as they were together at alter. They shared a few laughs and before long it was time for the kiss… You could see the excitement in the kiss and the visible relaxation after everything was official. We worked on a couple of photos of the two of them in the gardens before transitioning to the reception. They decided to do their dance floor outside on the patio are for the reception and plenty of friends and family came out to see the first dances… After Ben danced with his wife and later with his mother, it was time for Caroline to dance with her father… He told me to wait until the song changed and gave a small wink before walking out to his daughter… I can’t remember the first song that played (it was a beautiful slow-dance song), however I can’t forget the second… In the middle of the father-daughter dance, the ‘Funky Cold Medina’ came on and he took off his tux jacket to reveal a much more festive jacket underneath. Caroline was barely able to stand due to the sheer amount of laughter and soon everyone was on the dance floor to partake in the moment… After the first dances, everyone went inside for dinner, toasts, and cake. The dance floor reopened and everyone had a blast. As the night wore to an end, Ben did the garter toss, and Caroline headed to the balcony for a second story bouquet toss… Everyone cheered and cheered as the couple shared one last kiss during the bubble exit…

8 Hours Coverage at Little Gardens