Mallory and Chris got married at the Payne Corley House in Duluth, GA. The day started off with both the bridal party and groomsmen getting ready off-site at a hotel… Everyone was enjoying their drink of choice while getting excited about the upcoming ceremony… Once hair and makeup were completed, we drove to the Payne Corley House to do a quick photo of the dress hanging so that Mallory could get into it. Since they were planning for such a late ceremony start time, both Mallory and Chris knew that they would need to do a first look if they wanted photos together in the daylight. We did the first look outside in front of the Payne Corley House while the bridal party looked on from the upstairs window. The sun was getting low on the horizon and was starting to filter in through the trees making for the most perfect light. I saw the two of them place their heads together to savor the moment and I quickly moved into position to get one of my favorite shots all year… Once they had a few minutes together, we brought out the rest of the wedding party for group photos. We were able to do all of the wedding party photos and most of the family photos well before the start of the wedding ceremony.

The ceremony started as the last rays of sunlight drifted behind the horizon line. I don’t get the opportunity to do many night-time weddings, however the ambiance of the dark blue sky against the warm incandescent lights of the altar made for some spectacular scenery. Before you knew it, they were officially man and wife. Since we were able to do so many photos prior to the ceremony, we were able to transition into the reception space quickly. A beautiful first dance followed by the parent dances started everything off followed by dinner, toasts, and cake. Before long, everyone was on the dance floor dancing into the night. One thing that was unique about their reception was that they had friends and family that would make friendly ‘donations’ to pay for the right of dancing with the bride and groom. Everyone was having a blast and the night seemed to go by in a breeze. Eventually, it was time for the garter and bouquet toss followed by the last dance and exit…

8 Hours Coverage at the Payne Corley House
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