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Rebecca and Rick got married at Lowcountry Presbyterian Church in Bluffton, SC in spring of 2019. Rebecca and Rick have one of the most unique starts to their love story… They started dating after catching the bouquet and garter from a friend’s wedding two years prior. I was lucky enough to be the photographer from their friend’s wedding in 2017, so when Rick popped the question, Rebecca got in touch to see if I would be willing to travel for their wedding on the coast. Coverage started early in the day with the couple sharing a quick first look at the dock in Bluffton. The scenery was breathtaking; however, the gnats were nearly unbearable. After the first look, we meet up with the bridal party for getting ready photos at the salon. Around mid-day, we traveled to the church to work on formals photos and for Rebecca’s family to say a quick prayer before walking down the aisle. Rick fought back tears when seeing Rebecca in her dress for the first time… Their ceremony was great, with two ministers sharing duties throughout and special performed by the groom’s brother. After the ceremony, we did a few photos around the church with the entire wedding party and the couple before traveling to the reception at Hilton Head Country Club. The reception was amazing with lots of fun and laughter. Before long, it was time for the last dance… Just after the last dance, the couple planned for their exit, however I saw that there was a tremendously good opportunity for photos with the two of them. They did their exit, however they opted to meet me at the far side of the parking lot for a couple of last-minute photos… We were able to utilize a bright starry sky that I simply can’t see in Atlanta to create something truly unique for their big day…

Unlimited Coverage at Lowcountry Presbyterian Church and Reception at Country Club of Hilton Head
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