It’s not often that you get the opportunity to photograph a wedding on top of a mountain… Roni and Nathan’s wedding on top of Lookout Mountain was one of my highlights of 2018. Lookout Mountain is on the Georgia/ Tennessee border and is only minutes away from Chattanooga. One of the largest tourist attractions in the south is also on Lookout Mountain… Rock City. For many people in the south, the Rock City billboards and birdhouses are just a way of life… ‘See Rock City’ was the slogan for many southerners. We started coverage with detail shots and photos of Roni getting ready in the bridal suite. The guys were just down the hall hanging out, ready for photos. We were able to do all of the photos of Roni and her bridesmaids before switching out for Nathan and his groomsmen. The wedding ceremony started with the sun just filtering over the buildings and lighting up the platform where they stood. After some emotional vows, some tears, and the ring exchange- they were husband and wife. After the ceremony, we did a few additional photos around the ceremony space before hoping into a golf cart with the two of them for additional photos at Rock City. The views were breathtaking… You could literally stand on a cliff and overlook the valleys hundreds of feet down… The views were dizzying. After a couple of photos around Rock City, we went to the reception to get started with toasts and the first dances. One special requests that Roni had was to do photos at Rock City during sunset. While everyone was finishing dinner, we went back to Rock City to work in the last few minutes of sunlight on top of the mountain. Due to the tree cover, we were not able to shoot directly back into the sunset, however we were able to get some amazing shots of the two of them with Chattanooga in the background. Once we came back to the reception, it was time to cut the cake and open up the dance floor. Guests danced into the night with both Roni and Nathan sharing in on the fun. Before long, it was time for the party to end and they shared one last kiss on their horse-drawn carriage as it carried them off for the honeymoon.

8 Hours Coverage at Lookout Mountain
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