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Jessica and Jordan got married at Roswell First Baptist Church and held their reception at Primrose Cottage. Roswell First Baptist Church is super easy to find if you’re familiar with Primrose (it’s the large church next door). The day started off with the bridal party getting ready at the church before doing a first reaction with dad. We later went next door to Primrose to do some outside portraits of everyone before hiding the bridal party and switching out for the groomsmen. Jordan and his groomsmen was a fun bunch and we were able to finish their photos well before the start of the wedding ceremony. The ceremony started and everyone watched as they exchanged vows and rings. After the ceremony, we did some additional photos of everyone and finished up photos of just the two of them together at Primrose. The reception started with first dances and Jessica had to wipe the tears off of Jordan’s face during the first dance. Before you knew it, the reception was in full swing with everybody joining in on the dance floor. My favorite part of their reception was near the end when Jordan decided to do a backflip during the middle of a song. Everyone gave him some space and he nailed it… The crowd erupted in a cheer and you could see the relief on Jessica’s face when he landed on his feet. Before long, it was time for the exit and the two of them ran through the exit into their getaway car to share one last kiss for the camera…

8 Hours Coverage at Roswell First Baptist Church and Primrose Cottage