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Hannah and Mason got married at the Peachtree Rd United Methodist Church (PRUMC) in March of 2017. The PRUMC is one of those churches that you have to see to believe... The sanctuary is absolutely gorgeous (the rest of the church is beautiful too)! The girls got ready at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Atlanta. I love working in hotels where there's lots of room and light... It just makes my job easier. Everyone was having fun and focused on getting ready for the big day. A relatively quick limo ride brought the bridal party to the church. We worked on bridal portraits in the suite and then went over to the chapel (smaller sanctuary at the church) to meet up with Mason. He finished the final touches of getting ready before receiving a gift from Hannah's father. We briefly went out front with the rest of the groomsmen to get some fun photos of the guys outdoors. Soon after, Hannah had a first look with her dad when he finally got a chance to see her in her dress. We checked off a few quick photos of the bridal party in the courtyard before heading back inside to get ready for the wedding ceremony.

One thing to realize about PRUMC is that it has a unique photography policy during the ceremony. Photography from the ground level is only allowed during the processional and the recessional... Everything else must be done from the center balcony... As soon as I got the photo of Mason seeing Hannah for the first time, I ran up (2.5) flights of stairs to get the rest of the wedding ceremony. As soon as they kissed and turned toward the crowd, I had to run back down to get them coming back down the aisle. We did all of our family photos after the ceremony and a couple of wedding party before heading back to the Ritz Carlton for the reception. Unfortunately, Atlanta traffic showed up for the return trip, however Hannah was wise enough to officially start the reception nearly 2 hours after the ceremony since she knew that traffic could be an issue. Once everyone was in, the couple started the first dances while the band played on. After the blessing, dinner was served and later we went around the lobby of the Ritz to create some unique photos of the couple since we hadn't had too much time to work on their photos at the church. Once we were back from photos, the band really started and the dance floor quickly filled. Everyone had a blast. Even though everyone was having so much fun, they still had to cut the cake and do toasts. The garter and bouquet came next and the dance floor opened up again. By the end of the night, I think that everyone was tired. Since sparklers and bubbles were not allowed in the building, Hannah and Mason decided to used ribbons instead. Everyone cheered and cheered when they shared one last kiss on the elevator before the doors closed...

Unlimited Coverage at Peachtree Rd United Methodist Church (Wedding) and the Ritz Carlton Atlanta (Reception)
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